PTA Volunteer

Dear Parents & Guardians,

As the saying goes, a little help from a lot of hands goes a long way! Our goal is to create teams for each day of the week so we have a wonderful network of volunteers who can help each other and create a flexible volunteer environment. Of course, we will have many other volunteer opportunities to fit every parent at Jack D. Gordon Elementary School including projects from home and even a volunteer space to allow parents with young children to volunteer. Once we have a list of volunteers, we will match you with your areas of interest and create opportunities that fit your Schedule!

Not sure how much you can volunteer but interested in making a difference? Sign up for the Jack D. Gordon Three for Me Promise. Studies show that by volunteering just three hours a year, your child develops a deeper understanding of how much you value and respect their education. By pledging to your child that you will volunteer 3 hours over the course of the entire year (although you can continue to volunteer as many hours as you would like past the first three), you will help out tremendously. PTA decided to initiate this program this school year to increase volunteering, while giving volunteers the comfort knowing that they can say “no” after contributing just three hours of their time. By giving the school and your child just a few hours of your time, you can help SO MUCH! Check the Three For Me box on the volunteer form to make your pledge today.

Thank you for considering this new level of volunteerism. We are always amazed at the generosity of our Jack D. Gordon parents. Thank you so much!

To find out more, contact the VP of Volunteer at

Renew Your Miami-Dade County Public Schools Volunteer Status Today!

If you registered last year, you will need to reconfirm your registration (re-selecting your school and activities) every year. It only takes a few minutes and you'll need it to volunteer on campus during the school year.

  1. Log into your parent portal account.
  2. Click the "Apps|Services|Sites" link at the top of the page.
  3. Click "Be A School Volunteer" from the grid of links.
  4. Select "Jack D. Gordon Elementary School" from the drop-down list of schools, check off as many Service Activities that interest you, then click "Submit".
  5. Attend a Volunteer Orientation.
  6. Visit Jack D. Gordon Elementary School Main Campus front office and present photo ID to complete the process.
If you are new to Miami-Dade public schools, you'll need to create an account on the MDCPS website before you can register as a volunteer. To do this, you will need to ask for your child's MDCPS student ID and a 6-digit PIN number from the Main Campus front office. Once you have created an account, you can register.

Help in the Media Center
If you are a cleared volunteer and have an hour to spare, please help out in the media center. We also need help making copies for our teachers.
PTA Campus Store
We need volunteers to open the store on Friday mornings and help students with their purchases. Also we need volunteers to take the item purchase on the internet to the students in the main campus and both PLC’s.
Check out all the different committees for additional information and openings. Opportunities are available to chair events or to help out.